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Whistler’s Anew

Whistler’s Anew is a new bespoke private house, built on the site of a dilapidated cottage in a unique secluded site in Highgate.

Distinguished by its distinctive features, this undertaking revolved around the creation of a property purposefully designed to leverage air source heat pumps and thermal solar panels as the primary heating solution.

Hoveair, entrusted with the responsibility, successfully secured the contract to provide, install, and commission the mechanical services integral to the project. This comprehensive scope encompassed the strategic installation of three cutting-edge Daikin Altherma high-temperature air source heat pumps, strategically positioned at a significant distance of 50 meters, linked to hydro boxes housed in the basement plantroom. The generated heat was skillfully channeled into various applications, including hot water cylinders, underfloor heating circuits, and trench heaters.

This intricate endeavor saw collaborative efforts between ourselves, the main contractor, and the M&E consultant span over the course of two years, culminating in the project's timely and successful completion.

Project Gallery

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